He Said - Chatting or Cheating

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Is chatting cheating?

Before we get into this issue, lets get some definitions of terms.

Chat : Abbreviation for conversational hypertext access technology.
A form of interactive online typewritten communication that
allows participants ("members") to engage in text-message
conferencing, via real-time computer networking over designated
communications facilities ("chat rooms"), without storing
the messages. Note: Participants' messages are instantaneously
relayed to all other participants logged into the chat room;
in turn, their replies are likewise instantaneously relayed
to the originator and all other participants.

Cheat :When you have physical excitement (with or without release),
or give clear signals that you are inclined to do so, while
interacting (face-to-face or otherwise) with a potential partner,
while you are involved with another.

Intent :(Law) the will or purpose with which one does an act.

Now I know I have claimed to be a simple guy in an overly complex world, but the Internet has changed that world. We have 24-7 access to news, shopping, gambling, learning and, of course, porn. We can post our thoughts for others to read, and they can from the comfort and safety of thier homes (no one would dare use company resources for personal reasons). But CHAT has changed the face of the world. Before the Internet, people had to pick up a phone and call to talk to someone. Now all they have to do is get on-line and instant message Aunt Ida or join a chat room to 'virtually' meet people from all over the world, of all walks of life. This is not cheating. This is chatting.

But there is a darker side and why I included the definition of intent.
When a person goes on-line with the intent on having a 'relationship'
while involved with someone else they are cheating. Pure and simple.
No, they have never met face to face. They may never intend to 'meet'.
But the signals are there nonetheless. Flirting can be harmless ...
an on-line affair is still an affair.

We lived in a fucked up world. Relationships are deemed disposable.
There are websites created to give you an alibi for an illicit tryst.
When researching this opinion piece I even ran across an ad for a book
written by a shrink teaching you how to have an affair (That sorry
piece of shit should have both his license and his balls yanked).
But what it really comes down to is intent and your integrity. A wiser
man than I once said "Man, if you gotta ask ... you'll never know".
So if you think it might be ... it already is.