He Said - Modern Problems

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Modern problems of dating that inhibit males/females from staying together

I have a theory. The reason relationships fall apart and the increasing divorce rate is directly connected to the bucket seat in the automobile.

Follow me on this:

Up until the late 70's, cars and trucks had bench seats. I had both a '74 Dodge Dart and a '73 Grand Fury (we called it the love boat). When out with a girl, she would usually slide over to me ... allowing my arm to be around her and cuddling while we drove to where ever the date led that night.

In the 80's the mass production of bucket seats in cars and even trucks became standard. I had an `82 Mazda 323 (a sedan for those of you who are not into cars) and an '84 Ford Escort. Both had bucket seats. Cuddling was out … all you could do was hold hands (and that was out if you had to shift), and for a 6' tall guy like me sex in the front or back seat was an exercise in futility (or a risk for serious back sprain).

In the 90's the whole soccer mom deal was running. Two incomes were required to make ends meet, and each person needed their own vehicle to get to work. This created even more separation. The touch (even the distant one) was out … making a living, in. As people moved apart in cars, the physical caress disappeared ... and divorces increased.

I could wax philosophic about living in a disposable society. People and relationships have become objects to be tossed out when they become `inconvenient'. I could also drone on about chat rooms, fear of intimacy, or being hurt (no one has the market cornered on that, by the way). But, I am a simple guy looking for simple theories in an overly complex world. I was raised to treat a woman properly, give your all in relationships, deal with the consequences of your actions, and love can last a lifetime if you work at it. Call me a fool or hopeless romantic, but my folks raised me right.

Also call me a cab, because they seem to be the only vehicles that still have bench seats.