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Dating Web Sites - is rejection easier over TCP/IP?

   Jane you ignorant slut ... oh wait! That’s another show! 

   I have had some experience in this on both sides (more often on the receiving end) so I feel I can speak from experience. Rejection sucks, whether in person or over the net. Not being rejected in person just saves you the humiliation in front of your friends that goes with it.

   On one site I was overwhelmed with responses from “big beautiful’ women. While I know there is a segment of the population that appreciates that body type, I am not one. The key here was not to make that the issue, but find other issues to mask it with ... distance, smoker, drinker .... whatever. Rejection hurts but humiliation is cruel.

   I have gotten my fair share of rejection in return.  Some ignored me, some were brutally honest. Some lost interest because I wasn’t well to do and others because I don’t have a prestigious title. Several dated me because they like to date and have someone pay (I have not had the opposite occur). In each case I appreciated the honesty and quick kill.

   The point is no one should settle for someone just because they don’t want to be alone. Those that do are postponing the inevitable.  To those who are seeking and getting rejected don’t take it personally. You just fail to meet the qualifications of what they are looking for. There is no fault in yourself.

   But back to the topic at hand. While rejection sucks, I would much rather have it handed to me in an e-mail than after dinner and drinks. Time is the one commodity we can never recapture. Don’t waste their time or your’s and be up front.