She Said - Love Reruns

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 Getting back together - Does love work the second time around?

Very often the love is still the same, only anger/hurt/etc has died down if you're seriously considering getting back together. However, in the time you were apart, maybe you broke some old habits, etc. However it's really easy to revert back to them when back with the same partner. 

I have heard of some instances where a couple gets back together and for whatever reason they were able to learn from being apart. Or can appreciate their partner more by dating others. (ie: *SHE* never did a no call, no show on me… she was prompt. She didn't look bored when I talked to her, etc.)

Here is a horror story I witnessed I was out a few weeks ago and saw this scene and was STUNNED! There was a guy in his mid 30's on date with a girl in early twenties. She looked like a stripper and was continuously talking on a cell phone and ignoring her date. He came up and tried to get her to suddenly remember manners and she cussed at him. (``why'rrrre yewwwww f'ing with me?" in a drunken slurr) Nice! This scene can certainly make an ex- look more appealing!

There's another aspect. Very often when people are apart and get back together there are remnants of hurt from other partners dating other people. Though it makes no sense to feel this way, some may feel the other person is now ``used goods". 

Since relationships are directly related to interactions between two people, (change one person and you'll get a different result every time) you can pretty much bet that most of the issues that drove you to part the first time will reappear the second. I personally do not think it works out the second time around.