She Said - Modern Problems

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Modern problems of dating that inhibit males/females from staying together

Temptation lurks around every corner when you have someone. But, understanding this and not acting on this is the key to a lasting relationship. It's a well known fact if you put a ring on your finger, poachers come out from behind every tree, gas pump, produce section, library aisle.. you name it. You can also bet your mate is getting the same.

What's different? We now have the internet… with a click of a button you can find an amorous chat partner. Which eventually can lead to a breakup. Now we have snooping software. There's so many ways to cheat and catch a cheater it's getting to be like the speed traps and radar detector deal. They even have the alibi site to enable cheaters! What the…….? 

When you get past the thirties in the dating scene, there's also the issue of fearing to commit again to another. (once bitten twice shy) but the lure of passion and romance brings them in, for a little while, only to drift off to another later.

Maybe one is overly cautious from a bad breakup… or several in a row that makes them behave badly in a relationship. You can't maintain a relationship when you don't trust the other. Insecurity is a HUGE reason for breaking up. As no matter how much you feed that monster, it just grows.

My opinion is it's about infidelity due to more availability or desensitization to morals about monogamy.