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Dating web sites - is rejection easier over TCP/IP?

For the rejector, it most definately is. To look someone in the eye and somehow tell them that it's not going to work is harder. 

For the rejectee, you may have the lack of closure. You may start disecting the last time you saw that person.. in person. Picking every nuance apart (if you weren't ready to end it, that is) for hints that this was coming. It's an exercise in futility but many of us visit this place, don't we? 

On one hand this seems underhanded and cowardice, depending on time invested in the relationship. But if it hasn't been in place for a long time, it does bring swift answers to a problematic situation. 

One other thing that's good, you don't typically stammer with discomfort in emails. You can take an hour to write a single paragraph if need be and say what you wish to say, composing the correct things. In person, once it leaves your lips, the damage (or misunderstanding, hurt feelings, etc) is done.