If You Only Knew

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If you only knew
how much you really mean to me
You woke something I thought long dead
A passion that longed to be set free

To be loved to the fullest
and to love unconditionally in return
You touched that place in my heart
and it is for you that fire does burn

You are everything I have ever wanted
your beauty, your charm, your grace
My soul soars to the heavens
when I see the smile on your face

Others have danced the dance but
never saw it through
No one has ever made me
half the man I am, when I am with you 

But others have hurt you
and for that I pay the price
My heart is to be denied
because of their arrogance and lies

We have a connection
you say it's not enough
but when I look into your eyes
I wonder if it's all just a bluff

I have lied to you only once
when I said that I would be ok
You will always be in my heart
but I will let you walk away

Should you ever change your mind
know how I think of thee
I am forever changed because of who you are
and what you mean to me