it's private  


Last night I walked a lonely road
No lights shone, the bluish dark wrapped around me
holding me like a cloak, pinning my arms in submission

I turned my face to the wind, allowing it carress my cheeks
lonliness subsides for a moment, foolish thoughts about wind being a like being
I look to the sky, cold stars winking galaxies away

Then the familiar solitude washes back
realizing I am alone and will likely remain so
wondering why this bothers me at all

I watch leaves whirlpool and dance their merry jig
together they have a path, a flow and know where to go
twinges of envy trickle to the edge of my conscienceness

sitting on a rock a firefly comes to me
twinkling it's greetings
I wonder if it has sense of self or knows my presence

I sing an old lullabye to the wind
as in response it goes quiet.. listening
But I know that I'm still alone as ever