Your Gift To Me

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You reached out for me, in the throes of grief
broken from a previous love
wanting to be whole again
Thinking you were whole again and the same man you were

Time went on, it was evident you changed
You fought this change and mourned the you that was
grasping for a woman who resembled your old love
she is she.. I am me

That distinction wasn't clear for some time
It brought you both comfort and pain, moments apart.
choking on your own bitterness
deluding yourself and me

while I was the salve on your wounds
trying to save you from yourself
you built a protective love in me
that I'm burdened with after you left

What do I do with this love now?
It burns like a brand, the loss intense
You're building another you, in me
Your bitterness and pain... a gift to me